Ohio Attorney Provides Focused Representation in Family Law Matters

Experienced advocate offers sound strategies to resolve trying personal issues

Divorce and related matters like custody are some of the most difficult life challenges, and they can spell disaster for your finances and your family life if you do not have capable representation to protect your interests. At Carol Adelstein Law in Cleveland, I have been helping individuals for over three decades by providing knowledgeable, compassionate counsel to help them move beyond the past and focus on their future.

Dedicated family lawyer advises in divorce cases

When you are ending your marriage, attentive, compassionate counsel can help make the situation a little easier. Whether you and your spouse agree on the issues and are seeking an uncontested divorce or you need to reach these agreements in court, I will put my extensive background to work for you to strive for the results you seek.

Respected attorney sets effective agreements for couples

When planning a marriage, no one wants to think about it ending. However, a properly drafted prenuptial or agreement can help you make sure your financial interests are protected in the event your relationship ends. If you and your partner have not created a prenuptial agreement and are contemplating an end to your marriage, you can enter an agreement setting out how to handle finances and property pending the final outcome.  I can provide capable counsel in drafting these types of agreements, making sure they are in your interests and in compliance with state law.

Accomplished attorney provides child custody and support representation

Children are the most important consideration in any divorce, and protecting your time with them is essential for your well-being as well as theirs. Ohio courts determine whether a shared parenting plan is in the best interests of the children or if one parent should have primary parental rights and responsibilities. I will advocate for the outcome you seek for residential custody and a parenting time schedule that works for you and your child.

Dedicated lawyer aids in establishing fair support

In Ohio, both parents are expected to contribute financially to the care and upbringing of their children. Usually, the spouse with primary physical custody will receive support payments from the other parent. To determine the amount, Ohio uses child support guidelines. I will make sure the court has the most critical information needed to reach a fair determination in your case, and as your or your ex-spouse’s situation changes, I will also help you with child support enforcement and modification to ensure you and your children’s financial security continue to be protected.

Capable mediation representation reduces conflict

For some couples, ending a marriage in a non-confrontational way outside of the courtroom is best for them and their family. In these situations, I can represent you during the mediation process. As the mediator works to help you and your spouse reach a compromise you can live with, I will make sure that your interests are best represented in the final agreement.

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